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Styling Services


Closet Makeover and Wardrobe Analysis



During the Closet Makeover, Nadia will start with a one-on-one consultation with you to get a sense of your personality, lifestyle and the way you want to be perceived so that she can start pulling together the look you desire.

Once Nadia understands your goals, she will analyze, edit, and organize your closet to ensure that what you reach for each day is flattering, current, and consistent with your style. Simplify your life by minimizing volume and maximizing wearability! Then she will eliminate unflattering and outdated pieces, and give you additional suggestions to complement and complete your wardrobe.

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Personal Shopping


Nadia can help define your own personal style and create you a wardrobe that you love to wear. She will shop with you… or for you! She assess everything – your lifestyle, body type, age and budget – to make sure you get the best looks for you.

To save you time, Nadia can pre-shop in advance to locate the perfect items for you, where amazing hand-picked pieces await in the store dressing room, or even bring them to your home or office - and take can take care of all the returns.

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Special Event Styling


Attend that special event with confidence and style. Nadia will put together your attire for any special event and within any budget.

Styling and shopping services for special events includes, but not limited to: fashion shows, photo shoots, vacations, presentations, parties, imperative business meeting, interviews, work event, television appearances. The sky's the limit. Nadia loves a challenge!

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